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Fragile Dreams
Caroline Ashcroft delights in the flower-perfumed air of Magnolia Manor, her Southern plantation and birthplace of generations of Ashcroft children.  Brought up to expect a life of predictability and ease, Caroline takes pride in her heritage.
Then the Civil War unleashes bitter battles both near her home and in her heart.  With her older brother away fighting in the war and her father now dead, Caroline is left parentless with a young brother to tend and only her old mammy to turn to for help. 
Increased hardships chip away the sheltered softness of Caroline's privileged life.  She blames God for her difficulties and rejects the faith modeled by her parents, never dreaming that the challenges in her life are preparing her for future blessings.

When she finds a Yankee soldier lying wounded in her yard, she nurses him back to health,. Along the way, she discovers his strong faith and the assurance growing in their hearts that it is God who brought them together.  Will she come away with him or cling to the plantation life she has always loved? 

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