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The Mysterious Marquis

When her best friend disappears without a trace, Marianne is perplexed. Since the girl's parents seem opposed to an all-out investigation, Marianne decides to take matters into her own hands. She soon discovers that a certain Marquis, with whom she has never been cordial, was the last to keep company with the young lady. Her conviction that he is involved in the disappearance leads her to renew their acquaintance in the hope of obtaining a clue.  She is soon taken off guard by his wit and
charm and seeming sincerity. When the Marquis is forced to explain his part in the cover-up, Marianne is convinced that he acted in the best interest of her friend. She and the Marquis make plans to marry.
All goes well until she learns of another secret. Heedless of advice, Marianne stumbles headlong into danger. Will she survive and marry her Marquis or will she find herself an unwilling captive in the hands of a killer?